About the Artist


Chris Morgan

After decades of experience as an Emmy Award-Winning Producer of TV mini-series, movies and classic series, such as Police Story, Quincy ME and Miami Vice, Christopher Morgan left his show business career behind to pursue his passion for painting.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Chris got his first oil paints when he was nine years old. “I copied a painting I saw in an art book. I don’t remember the name of the artist but I’m pretty sure he was Spanish. The painting was of a nobleman in black armor with gold fluting around the edges… very cool when you’re nine years old.”

Chris spent the preponderance of his career on locations around the globe, away from his family for months on end and often in countries where English was not spoken. Painting filled his free time. “No matter where in the world I went, there was always a store where you could by paint and canvas. I’d buy two whole setups, paint with it most nights, and give it away when it was time to leave. Many of the people I worked with have a painting of mine hanging in their living room.”

Inspired by the power of color, light and the unique environments where he was filming, now retired, Chris splits his time between New Orleans and Rhode Island, and continues to paint with the same bold storyteller’s eye.

Chris’s work has been exhibited at the following galleries:

Gallery Barsac – Los Angeles
Waxlander Gallery – Santa Fe, New Mexico
Sterling Gallery – New Orleans
Joe Dunn Art – New Orleans
Moulin Rouge Fine Art – New Orleans
The Octavia Gallery – New Orleans
Sheldon Fine Art – Newport, RI
The Gallery on Main – Falmouth, Ma
Main Street Gallery – Falmouth, Ma

For a full list of Chris’s Production credits, visit:

IMDB Website